FoneAI’s  Uniqueness

FoneAI’s Unique Artificially Intelligent Reviews Engine


Each algorithm in FoneAI is designed with a proprietary Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based its operability. Real reviews from real users for app and restaurant are computed and gnawed with a built-from-the-grounds-up custom Machine Learning (ML) engine to give the user deep insight into an app, that makes it capable of state of the art personalization of the device and free-up your hands from consistent taps.

Discovering new fone horizons with FoneAI


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are in the DNA of FoneAI. Based on your daily usage history, FoneAI’s Machine Learning (ML) engine makes suggestions based on the other users and your taste, do action fast, smart intelligence, easy and personalized your experience. In addition to showing news, nearby restaurant and finance, FoneAI helps user to discover new and trending news and restaurant with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) trending engine

Four Features

App Suggestions

App suggestions feature will suggest apps that are popular from last seven days, FoneAI will present you with the ultimate comparative app experience.

Finance Outfitter

Using finance outfitter, user can select the desired restaurant from the list with the best ratings and reviews. You’ll be redirected to easily reach the restaurant.

Voice Commands

Using voice command say a command there is a help menu which allows to understand how to use this feature. You can switch on FoneAI icon for use

All in One News Portal

FoneAI’s last best not least feature is News Portal, simply all you need to select your taste and FoneAI will show you results from all over the world.